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The new Africa Twin Adventure Sports comes with practical features that will help you travel long distances. Very long. And it’s also equipped with cutting-edge technology that supports you throughout your journey. The new Africa Twin Adventure Sports features four preset and two fully customizable riding modes, IMU inertial platform, HSTC traction control, ABS Cornering and Anti Wheelie, all easily managed via the 6.5″ touch screen that also features Apple’s CarPlay® system and Bluetooth connectivity.

Designed for comfort and performance, the fairing and height-adjustable windscreen provide excellent driver protection even at high speeds. The 24.8-litre tank offers greater range, while the large engine guard plate and aluminium panels protect the mechanical parts.

Heated grips keep your hands warm while cruise control keeps you comfortable over long distances. A 12V charging socket is also available. Finally, tubeless tyres allow for easy roadside repairs in the event of punctures.

More powerful 1,084cc motor

When you are fully loaded, with passenger and luggage, you need an engine that always responds promptly, especially when overtaking. That’s why we’ve increased the maximum power by 7 hp and the maximum torque by 5 Nm. Now the parallel-twin engine is more powerful and responsive over the entire delivery range. It is liquid cooled, with 270° crankshaft, Unicam distribution with 4 valves per cylinder, and it is Euro5. Renewed head, throttle body and control unit offer better throttle response.

Anti wheelie and ABS Cornering

The IMU inertial platform measures the angle of inclination and, together with the measurement of the speed of the front/rear wheels, controls the rebound of the bike. The Anti Wheelie is available in three levels and can be disengaged. ABS Cornering manages the braking force in relation to the angle of inclination and the deceleration speed of the bike. The intensity of the intervention depends on the Riding Mode selected. The lifting of the rear wheel is also under control. An off-road setting is available and the rear brake ABS can be turned off at any time.

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)

The HSTC traction control allows you to adjust the skidding of the rear wheel and is measured in real time by the IMU six-axle inertial platform. It is available in seven levels: levels 1-4 offer minimal intervention, suitable for off-road use by experienced riders; levels 5-6-7 are intermediate for standard use and level 7 offers maximum control while minimizing skidding. It can be deactivated at any time.


A 6.5″ colour TFT touch-screen offers an immersive selection of Riding Modes and easy control of smartphone/audio Bluetooth connectivity and navigation. It can also be customised to display various levels of information about the selected Riding Mode. Each of the six selectable Riding Modes, four preset and two customizable, can be selected at the top left of the touchscreen, as can SHOWA EERA™ suspension adjustment. It’s easy to use even when wearing gloves. Standard Riding Modes are TOUR, URBAN, GRAVEL and OFF-ROAD and, in order to maximise performance in their respective contexts, they intervene on all engine, gearbox, brake and suspension parameters.

Because everyone needs to keep in touch, especially during long journeys, the Multi-information Display (MID) is equipped with Apple CarPlay®, which allows the use of an iPhone® through the TFT touch screen avoiding distractions while driving (the iPhone® connects to a USB port located on the right of the display). Navigation apps can be accessed and displayed and, with the Bluetooth headset mounted on the helmet, you can also make and receive calls or listen to music. The multi-information display also offers hands-free wireless Bluetooth connectivity to your iPhone® or Android device. Once you’ve paired your phone, you can make and receive calls or access music playlists through the helmet’s headset without ever taking your hands off the handlebars.

Suspensions SHOWA EERA™

Africa Twin Adventure Sports has the SHOWA ELECTRONICALLY EQUIPPED RIDE ADJUSTMENT (SHOWA EERA™) system, which maintains an optimal suspension setting at all times. Equipped with three preset modes, it provides the best solution in terms of tourism, city and off-road. Rear spring preload can also be electronically adjusted when stationary to suit the load, depending on whether the driver travels alone or with passenger and luggage.

The SHOWA EERA™ suspension system is completely new. It adjusts the damping according to the selected Riding Mode and data is collected via the excursion sensors and the IMU inertial platform. Three modes are available: SOFT for a softer suspension set-up; MID for a standard set-up; HARD for a more sporty suspension response. OFF-ROAD and USER modes are also available for even more customisable adjustment.

Double-clutch automatic transmission DCT

Available as an option, the DCT dual clutch automatic transmission features two automatic modes: D mode offers easy cruise control and the best fuel efficiency, while S mode offers three levels to choose from: S1, S2 and S3. The standard mode allows you to change gears manually via the paddles on the left handlebar. The DCT version also has an autoblipper function. For off-road use, the G function is available to reduce the slip of the two clutches while changing gears, providing additional grip to the rear tyre.

⇒ Other details that matter

42 lt aluminium case

Made of strong, lightweight aluminium, the 42-litre top box can hold a full face helmet, carries a maximum load of 6 kg and is fitted to the new CRF1100L’s standard luggage rack. Equipped with a backrest for the passenger, it uses the Honda single key system for opening with the ignition key. Specially designed and available separately, a comfortable waterproof inner bag.

Aluminium side bags

33 litre (right) and 37 litre (left) side bags. They carry a maximum load of 10 kg each and are mounted on stainless steel supports finished with an electrolytic coating for easy cleaning. The total width after installation is less than 100 cm. The Honda single key system provides convenient access via the ignition key and waterproof interior bags are also available.

4,5 lt tank bag

Designed for adventurous tours, the compact size of the 4.5-litre tank bag ensures freedom of movement when driving off-road. It has a transparent map pocket, is waterproof and adapts to both the Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports thanks to its snap-action buckle and magnets. The maximum load capacity is 1.5 kg.

Waterproof inner bags

The internal bags for topcase and side bags in aluminium are made to measure and adapt perfectly to the space in which they are placed. As they are waterproof, they can also be attached externally to increase their load capacity. Each bag has a comfortable shoulder strap.

Adjustable Led fog lights

I doppi fari fendinebbia a LED migliorano la visibilità in caso di condizioni meteo avverse. Si montano su tubi laterali anteriori in acciaio inossidabile ed emettono un fascio di luce bianca brillante, con intensità regolabile tramite un interruttore presente sul manubrio. L’attivazione viene visualizzata sullo schermo touch da 6.5″.

Custom seat option

Every driver is different, so the new Africa Twin Adventure Sports offers two saddle options: 825-845 mm (25 mm lower) and 875-895 mm (25 mm higher). The standard seat is 850-870 mm. The colours of the optional seats are matched to the bike’s livery.

What do you have to do now?

If you are a passionate biker in the “Adventure” style, then you have to come and see the new CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports live at our Motostar dealerships in Milan. You will find us in Via Caterina da Forlì, 24 and Viale Certosa, 292. Come directly to the dealer or call us if you prefer to make an appointment at 02-40090403!
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